When providing files, name the main folder that contains all your files after artist and album title (or song title if it's a single). Folder names like "Songs For Angel" or files called "10-4-22_final mix.wav" aren't helpful :)

I typically operate with a first-come, first-serve workflow but I do honor rush jobs when possible. Please get in touch if you have any deadline concerns.

If you have any revision requests after I provide you finished work, please send them in a single concise list *after* giving things a few thorough listens. Listen on multiple systems, not including the one you used to work on the project. Cars, fancy headphones, and shitty earbuds are great tests. The goal is to keep the number of rounds of revisions as low as possible, despite 3 rounds being included in the rate. This saves time & resources, and makes everything much less complicated. Be sure of yourself when requesting a revision!

The following will be outlined at the bottom of your invoice, but please take note that there may be an additional monetary investment required if:

  1. You'd like revisions honored beyond the included 3 rounds.

  2. You'd like revisions made after a project is approved.

  3. You'd like to submit new/revised audio after your project is scheduled, started, or completed. (Sending in new audio is not considered a "revision.")

Keep in mind that mastering and mixing tends to clarify details in the audio that may not be quite as prevalent in the unmixed or unmastered versions, so be sure to listen very closely to your audio before sending it to me. Things like amp hum, tape hiss, noise floor, etc., may be more apparent once I work with. I will do what I can to remedy unwanted artifacts, but removing hiss/noise without damaging the desired sounds is not always possible.

When providing files...

  • Put each song's multi-tracks in its own folder labeled with track number and complete song title (06 Awesome Song).

  • Label each multi-track file with the instrument/sound it contains (sub bass.wav, snare.wav, etc.).

  • Don’t put artist, album, or song in multi-track file names.

Pitch & rhythm editing are generally not included in the mixing quote. A few instances are no big deal, but if you need these processes implemented across your project, let's talk.

When providing files...

  • Label each song file with song # and complete song title (07 Incredible Song).

  • Don’t put artist or album in song file names.

  • For cassette or vinyl, let me know what song each side of the media begins with (i.e. the first song on Side B is Awesome Song). Typically individual records shouldn’t exceed 23 min per side, but you can push that if you understand what you're sacrificing. Chances are you own records like this and you haven't noticed the compromises made.

If your music needs fades, crossfades, or track divides, the less complicated route is if you do this yourself before you send me files. If the processing on my end impacts fades in a way you don’t like, mention this to me after the first pass.

Be sure that there is ABSOLUTELY NO LIMITING ON THE MASTER CHANNEL of your mix unless there is no possible chance you can go back to the project files and remove it. (You can leave limiting on individual multi-tracks or stems.) I prefer no compression on the master channel of your mix as well, but if you insist on using it, make sure it is LIGHT. Otherwise you highly compromise what I am able to do for you.

If you have any questions at all, send me an email. Use the contact form at the bottom of the main page if you don't already have my email address.