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I just recently mastered this beautiful record by sinew. It’s a drums and vibraphone-focused record, with subtle synthetic glitches & electronic textures throughout. One of the special things about this record is that the audio the drum mics are picking up are triggering elements of the vibraphone and electronics! Get it at sinew.bandcamp.com

  • Angel Marcloid

Angel Marcloid A/V is now Angel Hair Audio, LLC!

We Used To Cut The Grass just released a new music video for two songs of theirs I mastered. My friend Faye Fadem, aka Trust Fund Ozu, played drums on it, and my friend Ben Levin did the animation. It's such a killer song!

Speaking of prog and jazz fusion mastering jobs, Space Heater's new album Music Planet is out now!

  • Angel Marcloid

Cb Gz has been releasing music lately, for the first time! I recently mastered this single, Orchids, that seems to linger between RPG music, IDM, glitch, and footwork, without ever getting too hyper and frantic. It's almost as if the whole song is held back from getting as crazy as it wants to. That very restraint adds to the charm.


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