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Mixing & mastering engineer + music producer specializing in the experimental, progressive, forward-thinking corners of original music.

All I can do for you is make you sound like you.

(And maybe a little better. Especially if you're into weird shit.)

Over 600 completed projects. 100% positive reviews.



Mixing is an emotional process with an emotional result.

Sure, it's technical. And sure, there are components that are subjective. But it is also an art, and art is emotional. There's no way in hell a song has never made you cry, laugh, sulk, grieve, or make contorted faces. I guarantee one factor in that emotional response is how it was mixed.

The goal of mixing should be for the recording to arrive at a final state that captures the essence of the piece. It should authentically and potently convey the artist's vision.

If you're banging your head against a wall, don't worry. I will rescue and refine your production until you're banging your head in the air. I LOVE mixing and making you excited about your album all over again.

I rescue suffering mixes. I pull your productions out of the mud they're sinking in, and push them into the light so that they flourish. I understand how to blend elements, no matter how ~experimental~ your production is, so that your work is clear, impactful, and well-balanced in just the way you need.

hit me up if any of this sounds delicious to you.

Angel Marcloid - Angel Hair Audio 13.jpg


Mastering is an utterly essential process that requires the engineer to understand the music on a deep level, and what it's asking for. It is an intuitive process that is remarkably nuanced and detail-oriented.

If you thought mixing was detail-oriented, try mastering. Working with a single audio file rife with all kinds of textures, timbres, and evolution, and attempting to refine it, balance it, polish it, tie it's shoes & button it's coat... it is the last step in any musical output. It is the final boss in quality control. It is the send-off into the ether.

Mastering is where I dial in the rest of the tone and dynamics of a production, essentially squeezing the last bit of emotion and ~vibe~ out of your song and pouring it into your soul. Sometimes it's not that dramatic, but sometimes it is.

With my mastering work, I make your music publish-ready for it's intended media formats: streaming platforms, digital downloads, vinyl records, CDs, cassettes, music videos
, minidiscs, floppy disks, mono lathe cuts, or whatever else.

My main goal is making your shit sound GOOD, ready to take on the masses.

I can provide free test master samples upon request. Just
send me a song that hasn't been mastered and I will get back to you. Or just contact me if you're ready to get started on some mastering magic!




Music production. This is what I was doing within a few years of exiting the womb. You the baby kind of way. (More about that in the 'About' section.)

I am a music composer and producer first and foremost. I make music because I love to, and because I have to, because I might die if I don't. Producing original music is a purging, a self-exploration, and an exercise in manifestation. It is my cardinal passion, my biggest hobby, and my satisfying career.

I produce my own music under various aliases such as Fire-Toolz, Nonlocal Forecast, MindSpring Memories, and Angelwings Marmalade.

As Angel Hair Audio, I produce music for you. I've worked on projects with experimental rappers, electro-industrial producers, neo-classical composers, popular YouTube musician supergroups, and avant-garde ensembles.

I can also spice up your songs by adding production elements or recording a guest feature (guitar, bass, drums, synth, FX), essentially adding excitement and atmosphere to your music.

Additionally I can straight up remix your track, turning your post-punk slow-burner into a glitchy techno-meets-new age masterpiece. I also work on film soundtracks and video games.

If you're interested in any of this,
drop me a line and we can discuss.



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Needlejuice Records

Whether she's producing your new album or remastering a decades-old classic, Angel can always be counted on to deliver jaw-dropping results. She's our go-to engineer for virtually everything we release.

Gonemage, Memorrhage, Homeskin, Cara Nier

I've worked with Angel multiple times on different albums, which all sound stylistically different from each other (from weird black metal / chiptune to nu-metal) and I leave fully satisfied with the final result every time! If you need professional work on your music's production, at any stage, please hire Angel. The attention to detail and overall integrity of your music's sound is in great hands.

Geometric Lullaby, Ghost Bath

These vinyl masters sound so good on the test pressings. Damn!

I don't think I've been this impressed with a vinyl sound yet.

Zer0 れい

I'm pretty much blown away by what Angel has delivered. The clarity and polish is breathtaking. From my perspective this is already leagues ahead of what I thought possible.

Screen Shot 2020-08-13 at 11.59.30

The Christmas Bride, Wishgift

Angel made my record sound as loud and as badass as possible without compromising sound quality and clarity.  Her master elevated my final mixes, making everything sound more vivid, vibrant, distinct and blended.

izaak thompson.jpg


I gave Angel a dusty old mix and she polished it til it shimmered and gleamed like new. I never thought that mix could sound that good, but she did it in one pass.

Jake Stevenson.png

Bass Bandito

Angel perfectly took everything and enhanced it and made it the perfect version of the song. If I could wave a magic wand and make my perfect ideal vision for that song, it would be blown out of the water by hers.

Tiger Village.jpg

Suite 309, Tiger Village, CDX,
Quality Assurance Supervisor for a vinyl record manufacturing plant for 14+ years

Based on existing vinyl mastering work I’ve heard of Angel's, I've decided I will be bringing my own future vinyl mastering jobs to her, and recommending her to anyone who asks.

Takeninake Records

You took these songs out of the muddy puddle they were bathing in and gave them the shine they deserve. Everything I love about these tracks in the first place is given a nice stage presence.


No silly, not A-ha the band. Angel Hair Audio. You know... your absolute favorite audio engineering & music production enterprise!

Screen Shot 2021-01-24 at 11.19_edited.jpg

Angel Marcloid

Hey! I'm Angel. I'm a full-service remote mixing & mastering engineer, producer, composer, & multi-instrumentalist. I run a studio with my cats in the Chicagoland limits, USA.


I specialize in innovative, progressive, experimental, eccentric, challenging, forward-thinking, & genre-defying music. I have always had an undying passion for what is outside the box, challenging, multi-dimensional, transcendent, or just weird in some way.


I've helped hundreds of aspiring & accomplished boundary-pushing artists across a multitude of genres achieve the clarity, power, emotion & vision they are striving for in their recordings. I have credentials in electro-industrial, noise, free jazz, vaporwave, glitch, extreme metal, new age, IDM, grindcore, techno, footwork, experimental rap, ambient, punk, art rock, prog rock, drone, blah blah blah. All the good stuff!

I can mix & master loud as shit, or with an open & dynamic sound, and anywhere in between. Whatever your music demands. I can strive for crystal clear & polished, or preserve that lo-fi & obscured vibe. I can accomplish warm & analog, or dial in cold & digital. 🎶 These are a few of my favorite things. 🎶 My methods are diverse & flexible because I often work with unpredictable shifts in dynamics & timbre, unconventional song structure, creative use of effects & automation, & sonics that stretch one's capacity to experience art.

Additionally, I've been making music to the beat of my own drum (or some guardian angel's drum...or maybe an alien's drum?) since before I could really walk. Seriously. I was showcasing addiction to music right out of the womb. (I guess that could be a bad thing...) I started with wooden spoons on pots & pans & eventually made my way to guitar amps & drum machines & plugging them in the wrong way on purpose. My adolescence found me playing multiple instruments in multiple touring bands of multiple genres. Some more orthodox than others. In 2004 I began making solo music, and by 2012 all of my projects were solo. Soon enough I had myself a career as a mixing & mastering engineer under my own LLC, Angel Hair Audio.


I looove doing what I do, so hit me up if you want me to do it for you. Send me a message anytime using the form at the bottom of the page. There are no stupid questions.

Angel Marcloid - Angel Hair Audio 11_edited.jpg



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